Zombotron 2

How to play: Use WASD keys to move, click Q to switch weapons, R to reload, left click to shoot

About Zombotron 2

Felix June 14, 2022 Action

The constant appearance of enemies in Zombotron 2 will make you face many difficult challenges. Here, you will face many enemies like zombies, alien monsters and more.

The gameplay of Zombotron 2 unblocked follows the original of the usual action games. You will control the astronaut guy to destroy the enemies in front of him so he can return to earth. Everything will be late if you do not complete the challenges within the certain time.

You will use the remaining advanced weapons on the spaceship to defeat the enemies in front of you. These are all powerful offensive weapons that help you make zombies explode to pieces. Besides, the help of some explosive bullets will help you kill more zombies at the same time.

This Zombotron game no flash will work on the horizontal screen. That is, enemies will appear from the right and left of the screen with the goal of defeating the astronaut as soon as possible. This will help you improvise during combat instead of appearing from many sides like in other games no flash.

Items on the map will make your battle easier. You can collect these items to unlock new weapons or simply upgrade your character’s stats to help him become stronger. Remember that enemies will get stronger over time so you must also increase your attack power.

Zombotron 2 has shown well what the first version did while adding a lot of interesting content for players to explore. After completing the contents, you can try the Zombotron 2: Time Machine experience to continue the astronaut’s journey. Both these games have related content and familiar action gameplay that you shouldn’t miss.

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