Zombotron 2 Time Machine

How to play: Move with WASD, attack with left mouse, click R to reload, click Q to change weapon

About Zombotron 2 Time Machine

Felix July 13, 2022 Zombies

Zombotron 2 Time Machine no flash is an adventurer’s journey through mysterious dungeons. You can give him a hand to overcome barriers, dangers and collect treasures.

Have you ever thought about an endless adventure journey? If yes, now is the time to make your dreams come true in this zombies game online. Join the game, you will officially enter the journey to explore the underground. Your mission is to overcome obstacles, uncover mysteries and collect gold coins and items.

You will encounter many difficulties on your journey, such as wooden crates, rocks, and even zombies. But you have many ways to overcome them, such as jumping and using weapons. Besides, you can find great support items for healing, speed increase, and more.

Not only that, this Zombotron game no flash gives you many opportunities to uncover the mysteries. In the dark underground, you will find golden chests, strange potions and unique terrain types. The further you go, the more experience and knowledge you become. Therefore, it is a journey full of joy, inspiration and rewarding.

But to go far, you will need wise strategy and also courage and perseverance. You need to act quickly and decisively to take down the zombies before they drain your HP. Furthermore, you’ll need to move wisely to traverse various terrains to unlock new locations and new stages.

We believe that Zombotron 2 Time Machine unblocked will make you unable to ignore it. It is great action adventure game that you can play online here. Move, fight, explore and collect your loot in your adventure, are you ready?

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