Zombotron 1

How to play: Use WASD keys to move, left click to shoot zombies Press R to reload, press H to use first aid kit

About Zombotron 1

Felix May 31, 2022 Action

You can play Zombotron 1 no flash and go on an exciting adventure. This is your chance to show your shooting and survival skills to explore to the bottom of the earth.

This game will take you on an adventurous journey inside the underground. It consists of many different stages and you can unlock each stage over time. At each stage, the game will have some tasks for you, such as killing zombies, collecting items, playing for a few minutes and more.

By completing missions you will advance to new levels with new missions. In each level, you can move everywhere to uncover the mysteries in the ground. You can find treasures, boosters and even zombies. Therefore, you will need to be ready with guns, ammo and necessary equipment.

You can purchase items at certain points on the map of Zombotron game no flash. But you will need enough coins that are earned from treasure chests or zombie lives. So try to kill as many zombies as possible to hunt for bonuses and upgrades. But you can also choose to ignore them to protect your HP.

There are different ways to conquer this game, so what is your strategy? You can fight, explore and do everything in your way as long as you complete the quest. You can take advantage of useful things like elevators to go to many places and extend your journey to infinity.

At this point, you can play Zombotron 1 unblocked without downloading. But please prepare a stable connection to enjoy a full journey. This is the time to explore, fight and find worthy loot, are you ready?

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