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How to play: Use the mouse to interact and choose the most correct answer

About The Impossible Quiz

Felix April 2, 2022 Puzzle

Ready to join the puzzle challenges in The Impossible Quiz will bring you impressive experiences. There are a total of 110 questions for you to show your thinking talent.

The way The Impossible Quiz unblocked works revolves around fun puzzles with a variety of content. All available questions require thinking, plus a bit of your creativity to complete the challenge. The important thing is that you only have three lives in this game, which is equivalent to three wrong answers.

If you answer incorrectly more than three times, it means you will lose and have to start from the beginning. Accordingly, each question in this puzzle game gives you four answers and only one of them is correct. Therefore, you should think carefully before giving the final answer because it can make you lose immediately.

Besides, the content of each question includes very abstract answers or sometimes very silly questions. At the same time, logic puzzles also appear randomly in this online quiz game to keep players entertained. In certain cases, the puzzles will be tied to a time bomb, you must find the correct answer before time runs out.

You may not know, this game was first released in 2007 in the form of Flash online. Then, the evolution of technology helped the publisher to change the development form to HTML5 in 2019. This will make it more suitable and popular on web browsers.

The Impossible Quiz without flash so you can enjoy it on any device you want. Typically, a desktop or mobile device has internet-ready and easy access to a web browser. Wish you have moments of refreshing entertainment and no less interesting when experiencing the game.

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