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How to play: Interact with stickman army with left mouse

About Stickman History Battle

Felix April 12, 2022 Stickman

This is the place to play Stickman History Battle online and enjoy classic stickman battles. Your goal is to destroy your enemies and their base for unique loot.

Stickman History Battle unblocked is a familiar action game with stickman style. It does not require too much manipulation to play, but the strategic element is of prime importance. To be the best strategist, you need to know how to balance defense and attack.

Start your campaigns from the lowest level and progress further in this battle game. In each campaign, you will encounter different enemies who are online players around the world. You need to control the troops to destroy the enemy’s base and win.

Troops in this game include many different types, such as miners, attackers (stickers, stoners, warriors, tankers, archers …). Each different type of soldier will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Your task is to know how to combine types to create a strong squad.

But each battle is a different battlefield situation. Therefore, you need to make strategic decisions as soon as the battle takes place. If you find victory, continue to send troops to attack, but do not forget to exploit to increase resources. And if you see too many enemy troops, you should retreat to the defense.

In general, Stickman History Battle encourages players to create gameplay to enjoy multiple results. This stickman game online is an attractive option to play every day. If you are a fan of stickman games with a strategy element, don’t miss this experience and try to be the strongest.

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