Stickman Clans

How to play: Use your left mouse play.

About Stickman Clans

Felix April 24, 2021 HTML5 Games

Stickman Clans will bring you into a battle where you try to preserve your king and your country. Be brave and then win the war.

Stickman Clans is a 2D Strategy game, and also a stick game online. You will earn money from the mine resource, prepare the Stickman soldiers to combat with others players to protect your resource and the king. The main aim of this game is to destroy the opponent’s castle. If you manage to win, you can take the opponent’s trophies. This gold will very helpful when you use it to shopping or upgrade your standards, such as castles or soldiers.

Stickman Clans unblocked also has a lot of modes for you to try. You can combat online with other players, or just go through the map to earn money and win, or the survival mode will show you how long you can manage a war. You need to have a full strategy and make good use of your gold to make your castle and soldiers become powerful as much as you can. This game has the same developer as the game Stickman Destruction 3 Hero. So open this game and discover your strategic mind.

Stickman Clans is now available on Web Browser without flash. Moreover, you can join it on iOS, Android, and Steam.

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