Stick Wars

How to play: All strategic controls in the game are done via the left mouse button

About Stick Wars

Felix October 28, 2021 HTML5 Games

Stick Wars is a special strategy game with extremely operation mechanics. Players will have to control their soldiers in the most optimal way to win against other opponents.

Play Stick Wars free online, you will join wars for territory between vast empires. Each battle in the game will take place in turn, which means that the player will have to make a reasonable calculation to defeat the opponent as soon as possible. When it’s their turn, the player will make the choice to attack or stay in the original position. After making the selection will start using the attack options available on the screen to deal damage to the opponent.

In general, the turn-based combat mechanism will help the pace of Stick Wars unblocked become much slower. But in return, everything will be in the control of the player and you are the one who decides the outcome of the match, not anyone else. Besides, the attraction of some other stickman games like Stick War Legacy on our website is also worth a try.

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