How to play: Use the arrow keys or the right mouse to control your ship. Tap spacebar or click left mouse button to fire enemies.


Felix November 16, 2022 Io Games is a Space-themed io game where you will wander around the galaxy with your spaceship to upgrade your stats by collecting as many gems as possible. You should stay focused on harvesting the gems in order to get stronger quickly. Try to elude your opponents while you are in the quest. But you can fight against them if you are stronger than them. But if you’re weaker, just protect your ship all the time, or else you will be taken out very easily. Once all of your stats are maxed out, you are able to evolve into another spaceship which is much more powerful, and equipped with new weapons. The game also allows you to work with your friends in order to destroy the tougher opponents. Hence, you should make a friend in this combat or invite someone to play with you. Let’s begin the battle now then see if you can establish your own dominance or not!

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