Short Life

How to play: Use arrow left or right to move around. The up arrow button will help the character perform the jump action. The down arrow will help the character crouch

About Short Life

Felix October 1, 2021 HTML5 Games

A homeless man is feeling helpless in front of life with constant challenges. How will you help this guy get through it all in the much-loved Short Life free online game?

True to the name, Short Life unblocked is a game that exploits the factors that will happen to each person’s life, even very negative. Join the game, players will become homeless guys and try to pass 16 available levels. Each level always has deadly challenges that make your character can be in danger at any time. For example, a spiked arm, saw blades, or even oil barrels can explode at any moment.

Short Life also has the style of a physics platform game, so every element will be very vivid. All principles in the game will stick to real-life physics to give you the best experience. In addition, the next version of this game called Short Life 2 has also been released, you can choose to experience it right now.

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