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How to play: Move the character by using the WASD, F buttons to interact with the warship and hover to look around

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Felix June 1, 2022 3D

Are you interested in naval battles in 3D? This is the place for you to show your precision aiming talent in uncompromising battles to become the greatest captain.

Online naval battles with up to 20 players are waiting for you to explore in this multiplayer HTML5 game. You will participate in uncompromising battles at sea when the ships are available to fight. Your only mission is to defeat them all to help the ship survive to the end.

There are two problems that you need to solve, that is to control the ship and make precise cannon shots toward the opponent. The appearance of Helper Bot will help you control the ship to move to dodge attacks. At the same time, you will use the cannon effectively to attack enemy ships.

After a period of the battle, you can use the gold you get to upgrade your warship. Upgrading the ship regularly will help it have better attack and defense performance in each battle. Of course, opponents can upgrade their ships too, and everything in Ships 3D unblocked is fair.

Besides, this game also focuses on the team factor when allowing you to add friends around to your ship. You must give teammates a code to be able to appear on the ship. We firmly believe that teamwork will bring more advantages than fighting individually.

Play Ships 3D with friends, everything will be more interactive and the battles will also become more effective. Here, you will fight with your friends in uncompromising battles at sea. Log in to your web browser and search our website to enjoy this amazing battleship game.

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