How to play: WASD to Move Space to Jump Left Mouse to Shoot Shift to Aim E to Swap weapon Q to Throw Grenade

About Shell

Felix April 23, 2021 Io Games

Shell Shocker io game is a multiplayer io shooting game set in an egg-based world with no asking for downloading. Shell is a brand new, fun, and free-to-play game anytime, anywhere. This io game based in browser allow players to have a first perspective view where eggs from around the world fight to the death.

At first you will spawn randomly on the map. Then, you will be in 1 of 2 teams – red or blue, and with your teammates destroy the enemies. Though it sounds easy, but do not underestimate your foes. They can be anywhere, right in front of you or maybe on your back. Entering a battlefield and climb the top kill-streak and do not be hit or else you will be cracked!

There are total of 8 different weapons for player to choose from at the start: EggK-47, Scrambler, Free Ranger, RPEGG, Whipper, Crackshot and Trihard. Each gun has its falls to an unique mechanism, so pick one that suits you. To begin a match, you should choose a name then click on play button. Also you are able to test your skill by hosting a private room at the main interface. 3 game-style are available for gamers in team-based, free for all and capture the spatula mode.

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