How to play: Use the arrow buttons to move the character and the Space button to jump

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Felix May 5, 2022 Action

Join Run 1 unblocked to challenge yourself in endless races in outer space. There are many special mechanics and a series of levels waiting for you to discover in this game.

Have you ever thought about traveling to outer space with a strange character? So, join Run to show your ability by overcoming a series of challenges from simple to complex. This is a running game, you need to avoid the black holes on the screen if you don’t want to be thrown out of the safe zone.

Play run free online, the character will continuously move forward without any impact from the player. Your task is simply to control him to the finish line safely and try not to fall into the black holes. At first, everything will be relatively simple to help you access the mechanics of the game quickly.

After a few levels, the difficulty will continuously increase by increasing the character’s movement speed. At the same time, the frequency of appearance of black holes will increase, making it difficult for you to move. Besides, this action game allows you to control the character running into the wall to rotate the screen.

The screen rotation mechanism in the game is quite simple. You will still move forward after rotating, but the placement of the black holes will be different. If you feel that the path becomes too complicated, you should think about rotating the screen to reduce the difficulty.

Although Run is the first part of the popular game series from publisher Joseph Cloutier, this game will make you feel excited. If you want to enjoy the new mechanics, you can choose Run 2 or Run 3 depending on your preference.

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