Rhino Rush Stampede

How to play: Press the up arrow key or W to jump, press the down arrow key or S to dash

About Rhino Rush Stampede

Felix May 22, 2022 Animal

Rhino Rush Stampede unblocked is endless running game with super fun cartoon style. You will help a rhinoceros through challenging stages to score new milestones.

Forget about the endless rail tracks for a while in the legendary Subway Surfers game. And you will come to super funny and adorable adventures in the forest with different kinds of animals. You will be a blue rhino that loves life and participates in races for food. Your mission is to help the rhino collect as many fruits as possible while avoiding dangerous obstacles on the way. Dozens of colorful fruits such as bananas, apples, coconuts, etc. will surely attract your eyes. But pay attention, you can meet spiky tree trunks, sprawling rivers, abysses and much more. So pay attention in your every move, jump, fly, or do whatever it takes to score new milestones in your leaderboard.

Rhino Rush Stampede for kids will make you enjoy the endless running game. It is for players who are patient enough to explore the colorful world in the epochal forest. Besides, you can record many new records with your running distance and accumulate more good experience. You will run like a hard-working rhinoceros but it also takes breakthrough to really be the best runner in the jungle. So sometimes you need help from other animals such as birds, dinosaurs, ostriches… They will be helpful to help you overcome difficult roads and conquer many new milestones. Besides, do not miss the interesting help from items such as vehicles, rockets, flying saucers … in this animal online game.

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