How to play: Use WASD to move and conquer more area.

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Felix May 21, 2022 Io Games 2 3D is a multiplayer .io game where you try to paint the map with your own color! The final goal in this game is to move around and coloring the map in your color, and protect your area from other opponents! Try to hit their tails to kill them all! This addicting game will satisfy you with custom characters! Get ready to compete with other players all around the world!

This Paperio 2 unblocked allows you to custom your character in your favorite tone. But in this game, you can be killed at any time, so be careful! Don’t be greedy, too! Your tail is the weakest point, so don’t expose it to other enemies. And remember, don’t stay too far from your territory. Another tip is to move around the edges of the map because it minimizes exposure while conquering more area for your character. For a better experience and graphic design, try out 3D!

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