Om Nom: Run

How to play: Use the left/right arrow buttons to dodge the obstacles in front of you

About Om Nom: Run

Felix August 6, 2021 HTML5 Games

Om Nom: Run is a game inspired by the crowded streets of the city. Where players will have to dodge obstacles and help their character move as far as possible.

Accordingly, your job in Om Nom Run unblocked is relatively simple, which is to move continuously forward. Each stage will have different obstacles appear, dodging them and collecting coins is the main task of the ball. Specifically, the road in the game will divide into three main lanes. You just need to move left or right to be able to dodge the obstacles on the way easily.

Besides, the power-ups that appear continuously will help you complete the challenge more easily. Play Om Nom Run free online, players can also unlock new characters thanks to the number of coins they have collected before. Unlocking new characters or stylish costumes will help you feel more interesting when playing the game. Overall, Om Nom: Run is a power-up free game that you should not miss at the moment.

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