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How to play: Use your mouse to help the ninja interact with the dots on the screen

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Take on acrobatic challenges in Ninja Man to help the ninja reach the finish line. You need to be careful in every situation because any collision will make you play again.

The way to operate in the Ninja Man game is quite simple, where you will have to perform classic acrobatics. The ninja character will start at a specified location, you need to create acrobatics by touching the junction. The connection points have a role to help the ninja guy ensure safety in the process.

Ninja Man No Flash Free Online
Ninja Man No Flash Free Online

In the beginning, everything is simple as you only need to perform a single acrobatic action to win. But the difficulty will increase soon after, the appearance of more junctions and obstacles is the most concrete proof. If you perform acrobatic action the wrong way, the ninja guy will be in immediate danger.

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Compared to other HTML5 games online, this game requires a lot of factors to win. The number of levels provided in the game is also very diverse, requiring players to have precise manipulation skills. Although it is quite simple to get used to, believe me, you will change your mind when playing this game.

Jump Ninja Man is Ninja Game Unblocked For Kids
Jump Ninja Man is Ninja Game Unblocked For Kids

Besides the regular ninja character, you can also change other characters in Ninja Man unblocked. This game allows players to unlock more beautiful ninja characters by watching built-in ads. At the same time, you need to reach the necessary level to be able to unlock your favorite ninjas.

Concentration is the key to winning in Ninja Man. You do not need to do too many operations, simply touch the screen to help the ninja stick to the junctions on the screen. Besides, you should also pay attention to dodging the obstacles in front of you if you don’t want to lose.

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