Mole Heist

How to play: Click and hold left mouse button to dig a tunnel

About Mole Heist

Felix May 16, 2022 Animal

Join the Mole Heist unblocked now and help the adorable mole dig tunnels to mine for treasure. Gold, diamonds and many precious things will be rewards for your efforts.

This animal game is loved by many gamers because of its simple but fun gameplay, suitable for everyday entertainment. Your task is simply to dig tunnels, collect treasures and use money to buy furniture, help the mole rebuild his house. Also, you will have the opportunity to explore the colorful background and enjoy the soothing music.

Just your left click to dig and go through challenging tracks. But you need to dig in a reasonable way for the character to run through easily. Take advantage of the terrain to go faster, not just go anyway. You need to go as fast as possible and collect the most resources.

Your journey won’t stop, but you will end up with a small ride at the end of each level. You will continue to play Mole Heist free online to a new level with a series of exciting challenges and loot. And you will soon become rich enough to buy luxury furniture for the house of your dreams!

Attention, your challenge will become more and more complex with each level, requiring an Adventure Miner to be really smart. For example, you will encounter a large rock blocking the way, what should you do? Try to make use of the soft soil to dig, drop the rock into the deep hole and continue your journey.

Feel free to play according to your strategy in Mole Heist and conquer as many levels as you can. Many other online players are also doing this, and you are always competing with them. So don’t miss your achievement midway, do it higher and higher.

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