How to play: Use your mouse to control the snake.


Felix April 24, 2021 HTML5 Games unblocked sends you to a special world. In this world, you have to control your snake to make it survive and then become bigger as you can. is one of the io games and has slither-style gameplay. In this game, you are a small snake. What you need to do is eat small points to grow or you can make other snakes become your food. Moreover, you have to be careful. If you hit another player with your head, you will lose and be eaten by other players. You are the winner if you can survive to the end of that room and become the largest snake. You can also choose your style for your snake which is really various. Lastly, you can open special titles or achievements for each time you pass the score required. Now you can open and try to be the biggest creature in that room. is now available on Web Browser.

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