Laser Lizard

How to play: Left arrow key or A to go forward, right arrow key or D to go back Hold and release Space to jump, click Z to smash buildings, click X to smash on the ground Use the laser skill by holding down the C key

About Laser Lizard

Felix May 9, 2022 2D

Laser Lizard 2D is an action game for you to try the vivid destruction feeling. You will be a mutant dinosaur who likes to destroy everything to satisfy his rage.

This game is inspired by a famous sci-fi movie. There, humans face unprecedented disasters from the wrath of giant dinosaurs. But now, you will become that disaster and once again spread fear to every corner of the city.

Be the most violent as you play Laser Lizard unblocked! This is the place for you to show off your demolition skills, you can smash buildings, destroy tanks, planes and every other vehicle on the road. Besides, use laser skills to end the attack with a terrible fire.

But no matter how big and strong you are, you can fall after attacks from tanks and human weapons. Therefore, you should have a defensive strategy to ensure your HP, while increasing the ferocity. When this stat reaches its maximum, you will possess destructive power.

Your journey in this 2D game is endless, so play until you lose. But you can play it multiple times to conquer new achievement milestones every day. Every time you return, you will find everything different from before, from the game setting to the challenges you face.

The challenge does not stop but gets more and more complex, which is what makes Laser Lizard 2D attractive. You will be a powerful dinosaur and the fear of mankind, or just a weak disaster. Play according to your strategy and make sure to attack and defend properly for optimal results.

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