How to play: Use keys WASD to control your cannon. Control the boat or aim the cannon using the mouse.


Felix November 12, 2022 Io Games

In the world of game, you will have to roam the sea with your ship that is armed with strong cannon. You are joining a fierce combat between you and other opponents, so have your skills ready to conquer all challenges in this Ocean-themed io game now! Your main task is to aim and shoot down all other opponent ships using the cannon. Don’t let them attack you, or else you won’t have a chance to win. Don’t forget to make some great teamwork with your friends to destroy the tougher enemies. Teaming up with them will surely give you an edge over the enemies. Besides the rivals, you have to stay watchful for the AIs that are wandering around the sea. They hide in large pirate ships and wait for a chance to take you out. Try to survive as long as possible so you will become the best captain in the whole arena!

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