Hinotori Rhythm

How to play: Use the D and K buttons to perform combat action in the game

About Hinotori Rhythm

Felix July 6, 2021 HTML5 Games

Real obstacles await the beautiful Hinotori in the game Hinotori Rhythm. Help her move safely and avoid destroying obstacles by showing quick reflexes is your duty.

Hinotori Rhythm unblocked, this is a rhythm html5 game that is popular with many players at the moment. This game is about the journey of a beautiful girl, Hinotori. For some reason, she has to move to destroy the obstacles available during the journey to ensure safety. When approaching traps, you need to help your character destroy them quickly, not simply dodge.

Play Hinotori Rhythm free online, players will have the opportunity to test their reflexes. Because just a moment of distraction, or slow reflexes, the main character will be destroyed. Note, do not worry about the problem of failure in this game, you can play again and again until you achieve victory. In addition, the graphics and sound of this game are also really outstanding and suitable for many players.

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