Galactic Crusade Clicker

How to play: Simply left click on the screen to control the spaceship to destroy the planets

About Galactic Crusade Clicker

Felix April 14, 2022 Pixel

You should play Galactic Crusade Clicker unblocked if you are looking for an idle shooting game. Your left click to destroy every planet on the way to space exploration!

This is a crazy idea but addictive and fun. You will be the commander of an alien army and always try to destroy everything to dominate the universe. Let’s start from the smallest planet and go further, nothing is impossible if you own the most powerful and advanced weapon ships of all time.

You will have an enjoyable free time playing this shooting game online. Just click on the screen to play, but you will enjoy the vivid destruction effects. Your goal is to destroy all the planets in the universe, including Earth, and it’s up to you to control your own fleet to do so now.

But the planets will get harder and bigger, so what should you do? You need to upgrade your warship over time, while equipping new types of space ships. Use your money sensibly to optimize the efficiency, help shorten the destruction time and soon end your journey with victory.

This HTML5 online game has a unique classic color. But the in-game images from planets, spaceships and space backgrounds all look real. The ships will fly starting to destroy everything on the surface, and then all the way to the inner core. You’ll enjoy the amazing array of color and sound effects from this process.

Galactic Crusade Clicker is available to play online now here! So, don’t hesitate to start your expedition in space. You may be the strongest in the alien fleet, but you need to outdo the other players here.

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