FNF Vs Birdie

How to play: Use the arrow keys to collect musical notes.

About FNF Vs Birdie

Felix November 11, 2022 HTML5 Games

FNF Vs Birdie is also another mod for the original game, Friday Night Funkin. You will start as Cyborg and you will take part in a cool rap battle against Birdie.

FNF Vs Birdie is an FNF new game as well as a joke with fantastic rhythm music

The gameplay is pretty familiar for those who have ever experienced Friday Night Funkin full week. However, the story that you will join is completely different. Actually, you are a robot that will fight against a bird.

In other words, you take control of FNF Vs Birdie Boyfriend in this game. It means that you will stay in the position of BF in FNF. You are Cyborg, the protagonist in the present competition. And, you must beat the bird called Birdie as fast as possible.

FNF Vs Birdie Unblocked Full Week
FNF Vs Birdie Unblocked Full Week

Explore FNF Vs Birdie Boyfriend role and become the winner

There are two game modes and three difficulty levels to choose from. Besides, you are able to enjoy the match with the corresponding song. Therefore, you should focus on your task to tap the correct arrows because everything on the screen will happen quickly.

When you press the right arrows, you will have more chances to drain the opponent’s power and turn into the champion. Attempt to avoid missing notes so you can stay alive!

FNF Vs Birdie unblocked is free for all to access online. During the battle, remember to keep the rhythm through the music! Let’s connect to the mod and perform your abilities right now!

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