Flip The Box

How to play: WASD or Arrow keys or drag the left mouse button to control the box.

About Flip The Box

Felix October 22, 2022 3D

Flip The Box asks you to apply paint to every tile existing on the floor. Additionally, you should complete your mission as soon as possible to be the best winner.

Flip The Box contains various special mechanics

It is a thrilling puzzle game for both kids and grown-ups. So, you can use it to learn, practice, and improve many different skills. It actually introduces to everyone some distinctive mechanics.

Flip The Box is pretty challenging to conquer

By using a few simple keys on the keyboard, you are able to take control of your box and move it in the Flip The Box multiplayer game your way. Your block is colored. And, the paint on its surfaces can color the squares in the game field easily once these interact with them.

Therefore, you should take a look at the entire playground before you embark on your job. In fact, that step allows you to solve the puzzle in a short time. And, you can access the next stage in an easier way.

Actually, the Flip The Box win game will provide the player with plenty of levels and their difficulty level will change when they advance. Thus, you’d better think of steps carefully so you can avoid making mistakes.

You can play Flip The Box online and share the game with your friends for free right now. Further, it’s available for you to explore on desktop and mobile. It promises to bring back many fantastic puzzles. Hop into the first level and perform your possibilities to color tiles!

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