Elastic Man

How to play: Use the left mouse button to touch Morty's face and perform various tortures

About Elastic Man

Felix October 9, 2021 HTML5 Games

The Rick and Morty cartoon character Morty is back to torment you through the Elastic Man game. Prepare torture methods to make this guy’s face disfigured in no time.

The operation of Elastic Man is simple and there are no accompanying tasks during the game. So, players will be able to see a face modeled after the familiar Morty character. The special feature of this guy’s facial skin is that it has a strange elasticity, it can be stretched in any direction you want. From there, players can perform tortures on this guy without feeling guilty.

Play Elastic Man unblocked free online to relieve the pressure in life through the character torture quest available on the screen right now. All facial organs have their own unique interaction mechanism, what are you waiting for to enjoy it? Besides, Elastic Man has graphics similar to other 3D games to help players feel as vividly as possible.

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