How to play: Use mouse or right/left button to control your duck.


Felix April 23, 2021 Io Games is a good choice for players looking for a fast-pace racing io game. Easy playing style and catching colorful 3D graphics will bring you lots of fun and entertaining moments. Be the first ducky to reach the bath!

So you, control your ducky, must race 10 other online players to become the first one to touch the finish line. Just a simple click on the PLAY button on the main interface of and you will be automatically added to one water slide race. After everyone entering your room, the game will begin. By using your mouse, the duck will move to the left and right. You can boost your duck with green arrows on slide. Besides, geysers are able to launch you in the air, then you should adjust your duck back to the water slide, or else you are out!

In, there are total of 22 ducks for players to unlock and 6 different tracks. In order to open them, you must earn enough coins by winning on top 3 fastest racers. The intuitive control feature of the game also brings you a new experience with racing web browser game. Finally, the multiplayer system will make your race more interesting with each different racing match. Good luck and have fun!

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