How to play: Press A/left arrow to go forward, press D/right arrow to go back Press W/up arrow to accelerate, press S/down arrow to brake

About DashCraft.io

Felix March 9, 2022 Io Games

A new race in DashCraft.io unblocked has begun and is waiting for you to discover. Choose your car, create a track and share it to create the most thrilling races.

This is a great multiplayer racing game that connects many of the top racers around the world. So you should be ready with your racing car to start participating immediately in famous races where anyone is your opponent. Beat them to be at the top of the online leaderboards.

This game includes two modes, Build and Race. In Build mode, you can create your own track with your favorite props and tracks. Let your creativity unleash and turn it into a wild racing piece. Then you can share it with everyone, form a team and race together.

Build mode is something different from other io games online. But if you don’t have enough time to create a track, enter Race mode and start an exciting race right away. You need to have good control of your steering wheel to master all dangerous sections of the road and stay ahead of all other racers.

Also, don’t forget to visit the auto shop to discover new and modern car models. This is the place to shop for new cars for yourself and take them to the racetrack online. But each model will have its own price, you need to accumulate money to own them.

So, are you ready to play DashCraft.io online? This is the time to show off your racing skills and creativity and show it off to everyone. Create your own track and invite others to race, or join an existing track and conquer new record achievements, what do you think?

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