Crowd Drift City

How to play: Hover to navigate the moving convoy and use nitro skills with the left mouse

About Crowd Drift City

Felix July 21, 2022 Action

Crowd Drift City is a io game where other world opponents appear. You need to show off your top drifting skills to gain an advantage over other convoys in this game.

The crowded city scene in Crowd Drift City unblocked will give you a familiar feeling. Here, you will control a single car for the purpose of admitting other cars to your group. The more vehicles you load around the city, the better your chances of winning against your opponents.

The color of the cars is the easiest factor to identify opponents or derelict cars. For example, you can touch white cars to add them to your race. Also avoid cars of other colors like yellow, blue, red, purple, and more if they own more cars than you.

The leaderboard that appears on the right corner of the screen will be a place for you to observe your position and other opponents. You should avoid opponents with more cars than you if you do not want to lose. When you reach a sufficient number of cars, you can chase against opponents with fewer cars.

This mechanism is quite similar to the game big fish eat small fish but much more interesting. At the same time, you can tap the nitro icon on the screen to help your cars move faster forward. This will surprise other opponents or be very useful for you to run away.

Crowd Drift City io game is the place for you to participate in car admission levels with opponents around the world. Although possessing familiar gameplay, this game also brings a lot of noticeable improvements to make you feel interesting. Moreover, do not forget to change the colors of the cars to make them stand out more.

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