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How to play: Use the left mouse button to mine the big cookie

About Cookie Clicker

Felix November 4, 2022 Idle

In Cookie Clicker unblocked with a cool baking theme, you have to click a very big cookie to bake cookies. Remember to purchase upgrades to complete your job sooner!

Cookie Clicker game has simple but interesting gameplay

At the start of the present idle clicker game, you will receive a giant cookie. Then, you need to left-click on that item as many times as you can. So, you will have the chance to bake your own cookies after that.

Not only that, you are able to use the cookies that you have gathered to unlock and buy upgrades. Therefore, you should work hard and smartly to own all of the boosters and become the winner fast.

Cookie Clicker unblocked and the most detailed ways to fulfill your task

It’s also an addicting HTML5 cooking game. In which, clicking the given resource will allow the player to generate cookies. When the amount of this food changes, you can open an upgrade and a workforce.

It’s necessary to click in a continuous way if you’d like to own more cookies with money. When you continue working like that, upgrades will automatically appear. And, you can acquire them easily. Then, you can take a break and watch everything comfortably.

Play Cookie Clicker online and don’t forget to explore building upgrades! When you combine everything you purchase well, you can set up a cookie empire of your own and sell your products in public. Let’s embark on the newest challenge and develop your popularity!

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