Candy Clicker 2

How to play: Play the game by using the left mouse button repeatedly clicking on the candy icon on the screen

About Candy Clicker 2

Felix October 26, 2021 HTML5 Games

If you are looking for an idle game to enjoy moments of entertainment, then Candy Clicker 2 will be the right choice. Does clicking on the candy really make you feel good?

The role of the world’s best candy maker is waiting for players to conquer Candy Clicker 2 unblocked. Your task is simply to repeatedly click on the candies to achieve the highest score. Then use the points earned to upgrade the candy production system, or simply increase the score in each candy click.

The upgrades in the game will complement each other throughout the development of the candy production system. Therefore, play Candy Clicker 2 online, players need to calculate the cost carefully to create the most optimal source of income. You can choose to upgrade each production method evenly or focus on the one upgrade you think is best. In addition, the HTML5 free online game also allows players to generate passive income even without constantly clicking on the candy. But believe me, the number of points that you earn without working will be quite low.

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