How to play:

  • WASD to Move
  • Space to Jump
  • B to Buy Weapon
  • G to Drop Weapon
  • Left mouse to Attack


Felix April 23, 2021 2D, Io Games is a multiplayer io shooting game which is set in a post-apocalyspe world. The sequel part 2 of Braains is a 3D innovation game of the previous 2D version. Jump in a battlefield and you will randomly be chosen as a zombie or a human. Reach the major target of this io game before time runs out!

Firstly, is a team-based game, which requires players must co-ordinate with each other to win the match. If you spawn as a zombie, you should turn people into ‘the walking deads’ as much as you can. If you are on the human side, your main goal is to survive in a limited time, so do not be touched. Remember this! Besides, human can buy and use guns at the beginning of a match. Thus, don’t forget to pick one with coins that you earn in matches.

There are several weapons for gamers in human side to choose from: a bat, a sword, a glock, an AK riffle or even a Gatling – mini gun. Use your money wisely so you are able to have more protections in the following matches. And about zombie team, all you need to do is … accessing all other human! Though each type of team side has its own features, you had better co-operate with your teammates in order to winning!

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