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How to play: Navigate the thief using WASD and Space to attack the guards

About Bob The Robber 1

Felix June 2, 2022 Zombies

Bob The Robber unblocked game exploits interesting situations through theft. You will become a thief in this game, sneak past guards and camera systems to steal valuable loot.

You can show your skills through controlling a thief in Bob The Robber cool math. Your task is to move stealthily and gently to avoid detection by the security system in the building. If found, you will be arrested immediately and we believe you will not be able to return home.

The treasures hidden inside the heavily guarded rooms are your goal. This is the time when you have to show off your stealthy moves and super-cracking abilities to achieve your goal. Levels will also become more difficult as you progress, so don’t let your guard down in any situation.

There are many security systems appearing in this building which makes things a lot more stressful. It could be doors, aggressive guards, and even a constantly active security camera system. Just one small mistake is enough for you to fail and have to play from the beginning.

Bob The Robber 1 unblocked allows you to control the thief to attack the guards. Of course, you need to properly time it and not attack directly if you don’t want to fail. Moreover, move the war to the right locations to disable the security cameras to avoid detection in the next actions.

It is not easy to be a good thief in Bob The Robber 1. Besides skills, you need to be very careful in every action because enemies appear everywhere in the building. So, if you feel that the content in this version is not enough to make you satisfied, you can try Bob the Robber 2.

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