Bob the Robber 3

How to play: Control the thief with A/D buttons or left/right arrow button, W button and up arrow to interact.

About Bob the Robber 3

Felix July 5, 2022 Zombies

Becoming a thief in Bob the Robber 3 will help you have moments of memorable experience. This is an action adventure game where you have to be sneaky to steal valuables.

Play Bob the Robber 3 online, you will continue the journey of the famous thief and perform more difficult missions than before. Your target is the buildings of the rich with objects worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Of course, things will not be so simple through the appearance of security systems.

In this game, you will face higher risks with many new mechanics and challenges. Besides dodging the guards, you need to cut the fuse box correctly, hide in the dark to dodge security cameras, and more. There are many factors that make you fail in this game, so be wary of everything around.

The operating mechanism of this game will not change too much compared to other Bob The Robber cool math games. You’ll still have to show your talent for maneuvering to get past the security system that appears on the screen. Don’t be discovered if you don’t want to play this level again and again.

In addition to the newly added mechanics, Bob the Robber 3 unblocked also offers brand new locations for you to explore. The change in context will help you always feel excited to enjoy instead of just experiencing a place as usual. Moreover, the intuitive view makes it easier for you to observe.

Bob the Robber 3 is suitable for players who want to show their agile and skillful control. The job of a thief is not simple, and everything will be great when you experience this game. If you want, you can also refer to some Zombie html5 games at our website.

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