Bob The Robber 2

How to play: Use AD buttons or left or right arrow buttons to help the thief move Interact using the up or down arrow buttons, and the Space button to defeat the guards.

About Bob The Robber 2

Felix June 27, 2022 Zombies

After the previous success, Bob The Robber 2 is back promising to turn you into a more versatile thief. The challenges have also been renewed, you need to be more careful.

Becoming a thief and sneaking into the buildings of the rich has never been a simple task. Most areas in the building have a security camera system and constant guards. Therefore, you need to act in silence, stealth to be able to rob valuable loot in this game.

Bob The Robber 2 2D includes a lot of different activities that require players to complete in order to reach the goal. For example, choosing the right locks, avoiding traps, lasers, guards, and even security camera systems. You will fail if you do not focus or move into special areas without a good plan.

New gadgets will appear after each successful mission, you can use the bonus to buy them. Most of the utilities in this Bob The Robber cool math give you a lot of effects in different situations. Therefore, you should refer to the information of each type of utility to be able to optimize them.

Interoperability between the thief and the surrounding activities is also better in this version. Bob The Robber 2 unblocked gives you more options in different situations. Of course, just one wrong choice is enough for you to fail and have to play the level again from the beginning.

Overall, Bob The Robber 2 will help fans of the Bob The Robber series have an interesting choice. In the game, you won’t notice too many changes in terms of gameplay, but new content and mechanics in this game.

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