How to play: Use up arrow key or key W to speed up. Press keys A/D or left/right arrow keys for rotating. Use spacebar to open the fire directions, key Q or E to shoot bombs and click left mouse to move or shoot enemies.


Felix November 18, 2022 3D

Are you ready for a brutal sea combat game called A tough battle is awaiting you ahead! Let’s join it now to meet and battle against many opponents from across the world. You control a ship and try to demolish the base of your enemies. To do this, you start moving the big bomb to their headquarters by gathering a lot of mine crates along the way. For every single crate you collect, you can make the bomb get closer to their headquarters. Try your hardest to gather enough experience crates then you can increase your boat’s level. Once you upgrade it, you will earn better cannon. Make sure you use your cannons wisely to demolish other players on the map before they attack you back. Don’t forget to collect the ammo crates so as to reload your cannon through over time. Can you manage to get to the top of the leaderboard? Try it now!

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